Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Day!!

Added more happy pictures to my journal this morning.

Save for dinner tonight at my mom's I have NOTHING I have to do today... NO PLACE I have to be!!! And so finally, since our summer vaca started 3 weeks ago, I get to do just what I want. And what do I want? HOURS of uninterrupted crafting time. Happy, happy, happy!

See, while you northerners are singing happily along with "Soak Up the Sun" - and I'm happy for all of you, really, I am - we in FL are seeking the shade, AC, darkened movie theaters, chilled bowling alleys, and if we're not in a pool, we're doing indoor activities, much like your winters.

Dh isn't a crafter, but he is a puzzler and he can dedicate hours to this pastime. He pulled out the extra leaves in for our dining room table and proclaimed it the "Summer Crafting Table." He likes company while he puzzles, dontcha know? Wasn't that sweet of him? And so we've all joined him at the table.

We've got some sweet tunes, room for blogging - like right now ;) - embroidery, drawing, knitting, and painting. See the cute, kitty pincushion my friend, Regi made with her daughter. She's the one who's teaching Eve to sew and she gave her one after her first lesson the other day! Pins go in the front and there are some loops in the back to hold little sewing scissors and a spool of thread. They made a bunch of these for last Christmas and had a few leftover.

Of course, breaks are necessary from all the crafting and so video games work nicely. It's going to be a very good day. Seriously. :)

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