Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sedcutive Art Tryst!

I just saw this video YouTube video today and I just love, love, loved it. It was linked over at Soule Mama's blog and seems to be one of those serendipitous little things that happens now and (wonderfully) then.

I have been missing my sketching. I made a New Year's resolution to carry my sketch book around with me in my purse this year and I have failed miserably at it. I guess I should have just called it a desire and left it at that. I think I thought by making it a resolution, I would sort of force my own hand (no pun intended!). But all the bits of free time I have are spent knitting and I'm mostly okay with that. I don't believe I have ever had so focused a complete passion and I am happy to go with it.

Still, I do get a craving for a drawing now and again. I have been thinking of doing the drawings while my girls are doing their's for school. But they usually need some guidance on one thing or another for their assignments and otherwise, I am reading our read aloud lit selection to them.

Well, yesterday, I just couldn't stand it any longer! :) The girls were doing self portraits - looking into a full-length mirror (one of those lightweight, cheapy ones) propped on its side across two bar stools - and Eve struggled with hers. I was coaching her to "draw what you see, not what you think it ought to look like." I was pointing out to her that her eyes are not really shaped like perfect footballs or lemons, but they are actually a bit flatter on top. I pulled out the dry-erase board and showed her what I meant. And then I knew I just had to draw her myself!

It was a perfect opportunity: there she was, sitting still and working on her own drawing. How often will they sit still for you upon your request? Are you done yet, Mom?!?!

So I ran and grabbed my lonely, little moleskine. I tried not to cringe as I saw the last date entered: September 9, 2008. ugh. 6 months.

Better late than never though and I quickly drew this:

Oh, I was so pleased! My fingers rewarded me. It doesn't always come this easily - getting that expression or the eyes just right. But it did yesterday... almost as if to say, Doesn't this feel wonderful? Don't you miss me? Remember our love affair?
Yes, yes I do. And I must arrange for more quiet, little art trysts in the future!
I am thinking of coloring in with watercolor pencils and doing a wash. Do you think I should?
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