Friday, November 21, 2008

Sharing Pictures and a Link

So much for my posting every day, eh? Ha, ha! Well, perhaps I'll start on Monday (said Scarlett).

In the meantime, my camera is home, sweet, home and I took a few snaps yesterday of our science co-op. We are studying the human body this year. We were talking about muscles yesterday, but last month bones and teeth were on the agenda and I'd forgotten the Plaster of Paris for teeth casting. So, no, they aren't getting mouths washed out with soap, but are biting into modeling clay covered with plastic wrap to make a cast.

It was a good time and the casts turned out pretty nicely!

Well, I was going to share a funny video with you that I found on YouTube, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it over here. :( Advice would be welcome! :)

So, instead, go see something beautiful at the Green Kitchen blog. The first two posts there are utterly charming!

I'm off to seek out a recipe for vegan pumpkin and pecan pie!
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