Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maia - Twelve

Wish I had some pictures to share with you all today, but it seems I left my camera at Mom's. I'll post a few in a few days.

We had a birthday party for my girl there yesterday; she is 12 today. Yes, oh, my. 12. And yet, this birthday is not hitting me as hard as some have. I suppose I attribute that, thankfully, to two things: one is that she is not as "grown up" as I think I once feared these older ages to be, and two, she is just a fine, fine person.

What a pleasure it is to get to know your children over the years. What a blessing it is to genuinely like them. A lot! Maia has a terrific sense of humor and a laid-back, easy-going personality. She has a few moody days, but they are exceptionally rare. She is not like her Mama; she really rolls with things.

She easily makes friends with both boys and girls. In fact, recently, when we were looking through a bin of clothes given to us, there was a sweatshirt that said, "Girls Rule." She said she didn't want that one. "I don't like things that say mean things about boys," she said. "I've got a lot of boy friends." And she does. Not a boyfriend yet, though!! And we'll just be keeping it that way for some time thankyouverymuch!

This was her first co-ed birthday party. Just two of those boy friends came to the pool party hosted by Grandma and Jerry and the kids really had a blast. The kids came to our house and then we all carpooled over to Grandma's where Grandma and Mr. J greeted everyone with a Hawaiian lei and a fully decorated lanai in Hawaiian style. It had been an above normal week weather-wise and was a steamy day, but we knew a cold front was moving in and so the pool was heated to a comfy 84 degrees F.

The kids played Marco Polo and other games and had a few races. We took a break for doughnuts - in lieu of cake - and a few other treats and then the kids entertained themselves in the pool for another hour. It was time to go just as the promised cold-front was moving in. Home later, they all played Freeze Tag until parents arrived. Such a great day with a group of great kids.

Today I am in a sweatshirt and long pants. Autumn has returned and we look toward Thanksgiving. But I will remember this fun day for a long time. The day my girl entered her last year of "official" childhood. I have said a couple of times this year to a few friends that I while I would love to have a day to hold her again, so small and soft, in my arms, I would never give up the time I've had with her or the time I enjoy now with the person she's become.

Happy, happy birthday, Maia!! I love you so very much!

Photo credit: Doughnuts with Sugar Pearls and with Chocolate Icing by Alexander Feig
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