Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Latest Sketch

Not a lot of time for writing today. Family from out-of-state has arrived and will be staying nearby for a month! It's very exciting and I'm sure we'll be quite busy. I know my regular routine of sketching may be thrown a bit, but I am hoping to maintain some consistency. We'll see.

This latest effort was done in fits and spurts - like most of my art. In a small format, one would think that a small sketch would be easy to finish. But there are interruptions... questions about math and plans for block parties and birthday presents that need wrapping and, well, life! So, though I feel frustrated from time to time, I know that the first dream of my life was to be a mother. Artist comes after that. So time is needed and as seasons change, so will my art.

I did just order a bunch of new, fun supplies from Dick Blick that will likely arrive in a week! New toys! Lots of new things to explore and new ways to play! I will share them here when whey arrive!
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