Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

What are you doing for Valentine's day today? Our family will be going to a Mexican restaurant with some friends for a night of karaoke! I'm thinking it'll only be the children from our crowd who will perform, but you never know... :)

The girls woke up to homemade Valentine's and chocolate (not homemade!) from Mama and homemade Valentine necklaces and roses from Daddy.

We had a full, full day of school, but managed a walk when the sun and the temperature rose a bit higher. I have this thing for taking pictures of my girls walking. I'm always behind them anyway, as our dog, Lucy, is a slowpoke! We walk Lucy every day and so there are many, many images of this burnt into my mind. Like their "First Day of School" pictures taken by the front door every year, I should probably have a series of these, showing their progression through the years. I know it's just their backs, but somehow it is just endearing to me.

We're getting ready to head out now, so I hope every one of you has had a lovely Valentine's day! You can hardly go wrong with a day dedicated to love, now can you? :)
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