Sunday, December 16, 2007

BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes!

Hello! Welcome to Florida and Golightly Place on BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes! I'm so delighted to have you stop in; I remember seeing BooMama's first homes tour a couple of years ago and thought it was such a fun and brilliant idea. I'll confess that I'm the kind of person who will look in your window if the curtains are open and the sun has set and I happen to be passing by. I just love to see how homes are set up. Modest or extravagant, I don't care; I just like to see what other people like and how they live... rather, how they feather their nests! :)

So, come take a peek into my nest today. I see you've brought your sweater and that's a good thing. It's chilly today! It's beginning to feel a little more like Christmas. We actually dipped down into the upper 30's last night, which is about as cold as a winter gets here on the Gulf Coast of central Florida. We had to go out and cover the tomatoes...

But don't let me keep you outside here, in our "Winter Wonderland," come in, come in!

Come on up the walk past Santa and a few other trinkets...

... and in here, through our front door.

As soon as you come in, you will have arrived in the living room. It's such a nice, sunny morning! Can you see Sparkle Pond out back? That's one of our favorite things about our house - the view of the water and all the wonderful wildlife!

To the left, you can see our dining room and the hallway into the kitchen and the girls' rooms. We'll go that way in a minute, but I'll show you around the living room first.

May I take your sweater? I can hang it here to the right in the closet. I hung these little pictures here this year. I got them a few years ago; I just love Victorian imagery - especially at Christmastime!

Come on over here and I'll show you the mantle. While I can't say I'm thrilled with the 80's style fireplace and mirror, I am thrilled with the wood-burning fireplace, itself. Perhaps, some day we will re-work the facade, but in the meantime, I work with what I've been given and am very, very thankful!

The glider has on her Christmas pillow and Lucy decided to hop into bed there. She's really friendly and is my constant shadow. Just tell her to get down if she jumps up on you. If you're a dog person, she loves tummy rubs!

This year, I wanted a bit more color than the traditional red and green, so I bought some new, pretty balls and ribbon and hung them up . It kind of makes me think of a gingerbread house or a Nutcracker theme.

To the right, on the other side of the sliding glass doors, you can see my first creche.

Behind your, looking back toward the front door, you can see the loveseat, with its Christmas pillow and to the right, behind it, is the dining room area and the tree. Let's go there next!

This is the first year that we've had this table in here. My mom gave us her smaller kitchen table for in the kitchen when she moved, so we were able to convert the dining room - which had been used as office space - into an actual dining room. We love it! But we didn't know if the tree was going to fit as it usually does. It did, but it's pretty tight... er, cozy - in this space! :)

Since I hung the ornaments at the fireplace this year we've had to say, "The stockings were hung on the chairs with great care..."

You can see our Advent wreath there in the middle of the table. It's so simple, but I love it!

Behind the table, on the sideboard, is my newer creche - my Granny's - that I inherited last year. This one is my favorite!

On the floor by the sideboard, we have our Christmas books.

Let's go on into the kitchen now. When you have a green kitchen , you really don't have to do to much in here to decorate for Christmas! :)

Here is the breakfast bar that overlooks the eat-in/homeschool area. The girls keep their mugs in front of their spots all through the Christmas season.

I got all three of these at the church thrift store a couple of years ago.

Here is the newer, smaller table Mom gave us this past spring when she moved. It's where we have breakfast and lunch and do the majority of our schoolwork.

I like to tuck things here and there all about the house for a little bit of Christmas everywhere. Here is our bakers rack that has never been used as such, but instead, houses our little, friendly stereo system. I know many folks have televisions in their kitchens, but I find that a bit too intrusive. I just like my radio with NPR or music, or some of my favorite Christian talk radio programs.

Incidentally, the school bell there is one my mom brought back for me from St. Augustine. She purchased it in the Oldest Schoolhouse in America. An yes, we love to use it! :)
Here is the only snow you'll find around these parts right now.

Finally, in the girls' bathroom, I've put a few festive touches too. I just added some leftover ornaments on this little wreath.

And a little bit of snow found its way in here, too.

Well, this is where our tour ends. Thanks so much for stopping by! Please leave your calling card to let me know you stopped in today. Enjoy the rest of the tours and have a very Merry Christmas!
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