Sunday, November 11, 2007

And a Good Time Was Had by All

The party went very well! Hooray! Eight lovely friends joined me for an evening of crafting, conversation and snacking. Now, don't get me wrong, we homeschooling families love being with our children - in fact, we have chosen our careers based on that - but, because they are with us all the time, it is quite nice to have some time for us mom's to get together four our own "playdate" once in a while.

Regretfully, I do not have pictures to share. :( I was so busy mingling and admiring all the neat projects that I really forgot to take photos! There was a wide variety of projects going on too: Tara brought her crochet, which ended up in a big yarn knot that Susan happily untangled so as to avoid the counted crosstitch that was annoying her! Susan is one of those people, like my husband, who likes to weed gardens too. Weeding and untangling are not really my thing, but it was great to have someone like that at our craft party! Jennifer brought Thanksgiving cards to make and Teresa was getting a jump-start addressing Christmas cards. I taught Kim and Heather to knit! Yea! Another Kim brought a little latch-hook rug she was working on for her daughter and Angie brought punch-needle embroidery.

We drank hot-spiced cider and pumpkin lattes. I made Pumpkin Butterscotch bread, which you can find here, and pesto-stuffed, baby portabella mushrooms, caramel corn, and all the other munchies the guests brought.

This was an easy party to plan and put together. I highly recommend it if you are wanting an excuse to share your home and gather together with your friends. Everyone has some sort of project they are usually working at trying to finish, whether it be labeling photo albums or making a gift for someone. This is a great way to motivate and push those procrastinated projects to the foreground once more. I'm sure I'll be planning another one in the near future - but definitely after the holidays!
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