Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Hand-Made Party

Did a little, subtle housekeeping around here for fall; hope you like the new look. :)

I was looking around Golightly Place last night and enjoying the quiet evening: Paul was in the bedroom doing some research on the computer, the girls were playing cards, and I was tucked into a corner seat reading this delicious book:

Now, I am not an entertainer. I like to practice hospitality, but usually on a smaller scale. But I started looking around at all the decorating I do for every season and thought of the baking, the treats and the good smells floating about and thought that I really wanted to share it with others. To share it with more than my family.

I've been trying to figure out a way to get to know some of the women with whom I get together for homeschooling events, but do not have much time to just be friends with, because we are always talking or dealing with or about the children. Yesterday, in fact, 4 of us moms were sitting outside hammering together silk screen frames for the printmaking class while another mom was inside dressed as, and teaching the children about the Pilgrims. I mentioned, while hammering away, that perhaps I would teach knitting to the kids in co-op next year. The ladies I was with all sounded enthusiastic (and one even a bit wistful) and talked about how much they would like to learn or had tried to knit in the past. And thus, a small seed was planted in my brain. :)

So, last night I decided that I am going to have a "Hand-Made Party." I had one a number of years ago and though only a few came, we got a lot done and had a good time. With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought ladies could come over for a Friday evening of crafting. They can bring any projects they are working on and just spend the evening with food and friends and crafting. For anyone who wants to learn to knit, I will happily teach them. I'm not even going to make out individual invitations. I'm just going to make up a flier and hand it out to pretty much everyone I know. So many folks are so busy these days that I've never had huge turnouts at the few parties I've hosted. Here in FL, I don't have many close friends, so it could be the first time to my home for many of them. So, I'll invite probably more than I have room for and just hope for the best! :)

I'm hoping to have scrapbookers and knitters and embroiderers and quilters, crocheters, ornament makers, and more. It sounds like fun to ME, so I hope it will be well received. I'm going to plan it for the 2nd Friday in November, so now I'm perusing my books for yummy treat ideas and I'm pretty excited.

In other news, a couple of my own projects are finished:

The Basketweave Scarf for my brother from an Interweave Press 2004 design by Ann Budd. The pattern is free at

And the Gryffindor scarf is being blocked. Only the tassels are left and then it's on to Hufflepuff! This is one seriously long scarf!

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