Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cool Weather, Cold Head, and Finished Garden

Aaahh... Good (?) morning.

The air is cool and lovely as it has been for the past two weeks in the morning hours here. I love how October settles down onto Florida like a cool compress on a sweaty brow. But I could take a hot compress today as it seems I have developed the first head cold I've had since I've moved here four years ago. At first I thought it was all the dust from the antique store we visited on Monday after school that set my nose a-running. But one raw nose, headache and sore throat later, I know that's not the case.

Oh, well. It's a good excuse to skip the P.E. today, finish school early, finish watching the two movie sequels to the Anne of Green Gables series and knit (only two stripes left on the Gryffindor house scarf!!).

We finished the boulevard garden on Sunday and it turned out beautifully. Other than me putting in the plants, Paul did all the work. He always does such beautiful, thorough work. I look forward to seeing how all the plants will fill in over time.

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