Friday, September 7, 2007

It's Our Day!

If any of you dear readers of present were readers last year, perhaps you will remember that I share my birthday with my baby girl, Eve. She is not so much a baby anymore. She turned 8 years old today!

I know I've mentioned this before, but somehow when my older daughter turns an age for the first time, it seems SO big; I had a hard time when she turned 8. Whenever Eve turns an age, though, it seems so small still, thank goodness. When Maia turned 4 - and Eve was just a year - she was such a big girl, but when Eve turned 4 - and Maia neared 7 - Eve was "just 4." I know it's not fair, but you learn so much as a parent. I think, with your first child, everything they do is new territory and so seems so monumental; they accomplish so much. With later children you realize - and are thankful - for how young they truly are. At least that is how it is for me.

I think too, with Maia being the first - and maybe it is just part of her personality too - she has always stepped into the role of big sister quite easily and has seemed quite mature. She never threw a temper tantrum (except for the day we brought home Eve from the hospital!) and "terrible twos" just never found their place in her. Eve, on the other hand still has her wildly emotional days. It is evident when she has not had enough sleep and, as my mother would say, she'd cry if you "looked at her cross-eyed!"

Somehow, too, it seems that she is the one, even at 8, who comes up with those "kids say the darndest things" moments. In her 7th year, we enjoyed these moments:

Driving home one evening it was sprinkling and a rainbow appeared in the eastern sky. We were on a road that wound south, then east, then south, then east at least 3 times and every time we rounded the corner I would say, "There's the rainbow!" Finally, at our last eastward turn Eve exclaimed, "Rainbow, rainbow, rainbows! Mama, there are rainbows just about everywhere we look!"

I loved thinking that she was, for a moment, living in a world with a sky full of rainbows.

A couple of weeks ago the girls had lunch with their friend, Kati, next door. When they came home later my conversation with Eve went like this:

N: What did you have for lunch at Kati's house?
E: We had potatoes. They called them "all rotten" potatoes, but they weren't rotten at all, Mama, they were really good!

At that one, I couldn't help but burst out laughing and had to explain to her that they'd had "au gratin" potatoes and that I thought they were really good too!

Have a look at the sweet things my family gave me today:

My mom gave me Leigh Radford's book, One Skein that I'd had on my list for some time now. I bought the Country Living Magazine for myself last night at the market when I was getting ingredients for cupcakes for Eve.

The girls each gave me a candle and homemade cards.

And Paul made me this fabulous card (he has a pretty good reputation amongst family members for his card creations and wrapping jobs at Christmas time):

It reads, "Some grow older with a dimness in their light. Your fire is still burning bright!"

I had to laugh thinking that my fire is only going to get brighter with every additional candle on the cake!

Isn't it cool? A homemade pop-up card!

My gift will be that tomorrow I will get to go plop myself down at Barnes & Noble with a cup of coffee and peruse all the knitting books I'd like. I may get one and perhaps a magazine. Perhaps a moleskine watercolor notebook too and then a trip to Michael's where I may pick up a small pan of watercolors. I haven't totally decided yet, but the whole day seems utterly delightful to me and I can't wait!

Tonight, Paul plans to let the girls pick out a frozen dinner at the market and some Chinese food for us so I won't have to cook. It's been a terrific birthday! Thanks for stopping by
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