Sunday, August 19, 2007

We Are 1

"Tuxedo Cat's Birthday Party" by Jamie Wogun Edwards
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Once upon a time (okay, a year ago today) in a land far, far away (the southeastern peninsula at the bottom of the United States) there lived a woman, not too young and not too old (but just right!) who had stories she wanted to share. This lady missed the girlfriends she used to spend time with in her old home and was finding that as her children grew older, many of her children's friends' moms - who were her friends too - began going back to work or became chauffeurs for their children's numerous activities. She'd invited many to tea or lunch, but often there just wasn't enough time in their busy weeks for a visit. But the stories were still there. The seasons would come and go and the children would grow and say funny things and the lady would have questions or thoughts she was pondering upon and wondered if anyone else felt the way she did.

One day the lady discovered a new world of blogs! Here there were sites as individual as the bloggers themselves. There were pictures and stories and conversation and prayer. The bloggers welcomed and celebrated the seasons of the world as well as the seasons of their lives. Recipes, crafts, and interesting internet sites were shared. Some bloggers even had contests and others did things "together" with knit-alongs or art crawls. Books were discussed and reviewed, homeschool curriculums and techniques were reviewed and debated. Resources were shared. And so, the lady decided to build her own little place in this virtual world. She felt welcomed in this new place and decided to stay awhile.

It's a different world, it's true, from the one she has always known, but it's interesting! Now she has met people from many different parts of the world, and though they have not met in person, like pen pals, I think they consider their friendships no less genuine: just different. Conveniently, they meet whenever they are able: early in the morning over a cup of coffee, or late into the wee hours when the rest of the family is tucked in for the night. It's a home-away-from-home... or, rather, a "home-within-the home," this blogosphere. She's glad she's traveled through this year with so many new friends and hopes to have more years to come!


I'm tired of talking about myself in third person. Hee, hee. :) But I really am glad to have been doing this for a whole year now. I suppose I'll continue to do it for as long as I am enjoying myself as much as I am now - which is quite a bit! I'm sincerely happy to have met as many of you as I have. I am ever-thankful for the sharing of your lives and for your interest in my own journey. I hope we'll continue our conversations for some time to come.

Thank you, everyone, who has stopped in and taken time to comment and join in the conversation.

Please, if you do visit or even just lurk from time to time, please just say hello in the comment box today or whenever you read this. I'd love to stop in at your place and say hello too!

OH!! And before I forget (again), I wanted to share the "Nice Matters Award" with my another, sweet blogger friend, Laurie. I meant to put her on my original list and then I simply forgot when I counted seven. I am rebelling and adding another name, because, gee, Laurie is just really nice and she understands that nice really does matter. :)
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