Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One FO and a bit of History

One project down, many more to go! :)

Maia was happy with her "Monica" sweater. I thought the ruffle was a bit too long under her arms. Something to remember for the next one I do for Eve. But it is a far cry from the first garment I attempted and so, a success! :)

We have quite a few errands to run today, so this is a short post. But I thought I'd like to post a few favorite posts from my old blog from this last year to sort of acquaint new readers and friends with a bit more about me and Golightly Place.

This post was first published Aug. 19, 2006

Well, this is my first entry for my new blog. Welcome to Golightly Place! Shortly after we moved here to the Gulf Coast of Florida, nearly three years ago, I knew our home needed a name. After reading what was to become one of my favorite books (Anne of Green Gables) I had decided that I always wanted our homes to have names. I saw that other folks had named their homes, but that was usually because their homes were farms or estates or the like. The chance that I was going to ever own one of those type of places - maybe EVER - seemed quite slim. "So why wait?", I thought. And so, the names began.

Our first home that I named when we lived in Minnesota, I dubbed "Heron Hollow" because we lived at the bottom of a hill and across the street was a pond frequented by Canadian geese, Mallard ducks, egrets, and, of course, herons. It was just a suburban home, but it is my belief that words are powerful and as Lucy M. Montgomery wrote in her second "Anne" book, "I suppose that's how it looks in prose. But it's very different if you look at it through poetry...and I think it's nicer..." Anne recovered herself and her eyes shone and her cheeks flushed... "to look at it through poetry." And I suppose I am enough of a romantic to wholeheartedly agree.

With our current home, I wanted a name that reflected our desire to live simply and tread lightly (and with light hearts) upon the planet. I consider my home my ministry and hope that visitors will feel the sense of contentment I feel in our home and after visiting will leave refreshed and encouraged in some way. I hope you will feel the same way too!

I have been happily married the last 10 (nearly 11 years and we have been a couple for 16 years) to my husband, P. I have homeschooled my girls, M (age 9 1/2, starting grade 5 on Monday) and E (starting grade 2), since my journey into motherhood began. I have used some of Charlotte Mason's methods in our past years of schooling, but I am going to be using this method almost exculsively this fall to see how things go. I am excited and ready for our new year and look forward to sharing some of our schooling adventures with all of my blogging friends. I need to work some more on this blog, so I will continue with another post at another time. Please stop by and visit again soon! :) Blessings, Mrs. Pivec
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