Monday, July 9, 2007

A Good and Busy Day

A couple of you asked for a photo of "the sock," and here it is. Hee, hee. One lonely sock. Ah, well. It is actually just a bit looser than I would like and, following only the pattern, is a bit longer than what I ordinarily wear... so I am learning. I really think I would have liked a complete pair, but though I purchased the amount of yarn the pattern said I would need, I definitely do not have enough for a second. The yarn shop - The Yarnery in St. Paul, MN - is 1,500 miles away, so this one shall remain a single!

Speaking of knitting, there is a new Meetup knitting group meeting very close to my home tonight at Starbucks, so I think I will go. I used to go to a knitting group at the nearest yarn store, but I was often the youngest person there - which really isn't such a big deal... but it kind of is when you live in Florida and you are often the youngest person... everywhere! In twenty years, obviously, that will not be an issue! And though it's not really an issue now, I honestly have a very, very... very small group of friends around my own age here and I would really like to have at least a few more. So, I'm hopeful for this evening's gathering.

Today has been a good day. I have felt a bit slovenly of late. LOL! Well, really, I still get everything done that needs to be done, but because I have been on summer vacation, I have been staying up later and sleeping in more because of it. I know I needed the break, but I have now felt a need to get back into an earlier routine.

I am definitely not the kind of person who could stay in her pajamas all day. Unless I am ill, I just have to get dressed for the day and up and going. After about 9:30 a.m. if I am not already dressed, I begin to feel a bit irritable, actually. So, last night I made myself go to bed at 10:00 p.m. even though I had just finished saying good-night to the girls... even though I had my knitting sitting there tempting me... and even though I had two wonderful books sitting on my bedside table, I went. to. bed.

So, I've been up since 6:00 a.m. and feel pretty great for it! I love having time before others rouse and being ready to tackle whatever projects I need to or want to do for the day. On showering days - every other day - I'll be getting up at 5:50 a.m. I love the mornings and I like to be able to have my quiet time with God and then be ready in the kitchen to have breakfast going and laundry ready to go when I wake the girls.

The girls have new and greater-duties chore charts now and will be receiving raises in their allowances to go with them. They each have added laundry duties as well as the cooking duties and after-supper kitchen clean-up added to their lists. Work was done cheerfully and efficiently this morning, so I think we're off to a good start.

We had a big market day today. Somehow, we were low on just about everything, so stops were made at the nearby conventional market for pet food and some canned tomatoes, a donation stop at Goodwill, then a stop at the bread store, on to Whole Foods Market, a book drop-off at the library - and then a final stop for fruits and veggies from a farmer's market. So many stops, but there is reason behind them all. One example, is that I find that the conventionally grown produce offered at Whole Foods is WAAAAY more expensive than at the conventional grocery store - sometimes as much as a dollar a pound more. And then, I'm trying to purchase more things locally, so I look for the farmer's markets. Unfortunately, I find that not everything there is local, but I am doing what I can.

The girls were extremely helpful today, loading and and unloading groceries. They are such good girls and I am sure to tell them that regularly! At Jessica's recommendation, I will be photographing some of the girls' meals they will be doing and printing recipes as I can along with them. Eve's meal is first up tomorrow! She was happy to pick out some of her necessary ingredients at the market today and is excited! Stay tuned! :)
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