Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Talk and Journaling Ideas

My blog has been short of pictures the past few posts. But I like pictures in blogs. So, today's will have a few more to share.

First, though, is a newer blog to me with some great pictures! It was recommended to me by Angie in my comments area. Thanks, Angie! The blog is called, " Eyes of Wonder" and it's really beautiful! I can just hear my sister saying, "It's a bit too 'crunchy' for me, " but if you love that kind of stuff, that simple living type of thing, head on over and check out her blog. I've also linked it in my sidebar.

Maia is gearing up for next week's "Aristocats" play. I am looking forward to it partially because then, perhaps I will not have to listen to, "Everybody wants to be a cat..." over and over and over AND over again! :)

But seriously, she is SO excited and I am thrilled for her! A part - if not all - of her was born for the stage and we are excited that she gets this opportunity. This , perhaps, requires a bit of explanation. We do not currently have a homeschool drama group and I do not have the background to begin one. There are local theaters who offer homeschool classes in the area, but they charge around $60.00 a month. That is something this modest, one-income family cannot afford. This three-week day camp was $350 plus a $50.00 registration fee. I was floored, again, at the cost. Maybe I just need to get used to the exhorbitant prices for these kinds of things. My brother paid $300, a piece, simply to register his twin boys for hockey last year! That wasn't even the cost of ice time, which, I guess cost $1000. His ex paid that, because, I guess, she is the one more passionate about it. His boys love it now, but my brother feels like it is extortion! His other choice is to look like the bad guy if he says no to something they've been doing for years. So, he feels he has no choice, and yet, what could they possibly need to do with that bit of registration information that it would need to cost $300?!

ANYway, we were fortunate enough to get a scholarship, and so Maia is able to have this opportunity. Otherwise, it would have just been another thing we would have had to bypass.

Here are a couple more recent visual journal entries:

My completed May calendar

My upcoming, blank July calendar (there is no calendar for June; it just got away from me)

Last weekend I drew this anhinga who always dries his wings on the same post on the little dock on the other side of the pond. Not the best rendering, but more experimentation with oil pastels.

Jewels, at Eyes of Wonder, showed a bit of her journaling and she often includes just pretty home and garden scenes in hers. I've been keeping a similar journal like that for 3 years now with just clippings of things that catch my eye as I flip through magazines. I was keeping it, so I could learn my own sense of style and delight and so that I might keep my eyes open for particular items when I am thrift or antique shopping.

But Jewels does more journaling around hers and includes to-do lists, and other items that might usually go into a regular journal: passages of Scripture, quotes, poetry, recipes, etc. So, I decided to add some of this element to my visual journal for those days when I just do not feel like sketching (which has been a bit more lately!).

I like this format and think I will play with it more for a while. One thing about keeping a journal like this - or a design journal, like the one I've had for a while - is that when you can't afford to go shopping... or perhaps, you don't want to just go get more stuff, this is a nice outlet for those urges. I began using the design journal when we first moved here and had very little spending money. I was able to collect images and ideas, I didn't feel deprived, and I knew just what I wanted when the budget would allow. You also don't have many magazines taking up space and you have a book full of decorating ideas that you absolutely, personally love! You may want to try a couple of these ideas. I think you'll find them fun.
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