Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain, A Recital, A Co-op and Just News


Finally...we have rain.

And it's lovely

except that we got caught in it. Of course. :)

We ride our bikes to the nearby park every Wednesday for our homeschool athletic day. The girls don't actually participate in the athletics, since we tried that for a little bit and they both decided that they reeeeeeally don't like organized sports. I'm not one to push, because I was the little kid who hid in the stairwell during P.E. when they were playing basketball.

Independent sports we like: running, yoga, dance, the girls & Daddy rollerblade (my rear has not allowed me to do that - ever - again), swimming, hiking, and, of course, bike riding.

Which brings us to today. It really wasn't so bad. I'd brought our lunch and some school work to do under the picnic shelter. We left when it died down... and when I heard the thunder and wanted to get home before anything big happened. Well, we're here now and nothing big happened. But I am thankful for the rain. It's been sooooooo long. Even though we ran the sprinklers today, the rain is welcome and needed. I know the rainy season is only a mere month away (June - Sepetember in these parts), but we were low on the rainfall last year too, so everything really needed that drink.

We thought it might actually rain Monday night, but it held off for us. We had our final evening recital of our first year's Recitation Club. Here is Eve doing a sound check for us in the back yard. The night was really lovely! The children did fine jobs with their recitations. A kindergartener and a third grader (brother and sister) even recited the Getttysburg Address!! Impressive! I took a couple of short, little videos of the girls reciting their poems... and then my memory card was full, so the sound check shot is the only one I have. :(

In addition to our recitations, the children also created displays of their work for the year. We had them all placed on tables throughout my home. I highly recommend this activity for anyone looking for ideas for next year. Each event was very easy to put together and the children had a lot of fun memorizing their pieces and performing them for proud family members and friends.

Monday morning, before the recital, I met with a group of other homeschooling mothers who did their first co-op last year, and we planned for one for next year. I will be teaching art - specifically art journaling throughout the year. It will be work, but fun work and I am hoping the children develop even stronger relationships with some of these children that they do know from the park days, but could get to know a bit better.

One reader asked if we live in front of a river. It looks like that to me sometimes, actually, from the house, but no, it is a big pond (called a "lake" here in Florida, but we folks from Minnesota know the difference between a pond and a lake... and that's no lake! :) ) that runs the length of our back yard. It's a retention pond and there are many, many of them that are interconnected throughout our neighborhood. I am exceedingly thankful for it, particularly because of the wildlife it brings including alligators and even a couple of times, otters!

One might think that the alligators would be a problem, but we've only had two - each at different times - and the current one is just a juvenile at this point.

No, the real problem are the folks who like to try to set up camp and fish here in our yard. It's just weird to me that they think they can do that on private property. The adults (yes, there have been grown men who have either meandered on through, or one that brought his chair and tacklebox!) have been pretty good about it when we ask them to leave, but the teens always give us flack. We finally had the sherriff out here over Spring Break, I think it was, and we haven't seen them since, but summer is just around the corner...

So, you see, there are some downsides to living on the water, but for the most part, I feel very blessed.

The clothesline is UP! Hooray! I'll take some photos later to celebrate this fact in the next day or so. Yes, I know... I know... you can hardly wait! But wait you must. It's Camp Grandma's tonight. We are at my mom's every Wednesday night for dinner, swimming, dog walking, and currently, I must confess - results night on American Idol! This is the first year I've been sucked into it. I find that muting the commercials and bringing along a knitting or embroidery project, one can actually be quite productive. :)

Hope you're all having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!
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