Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day Art Project

Here is an easy project we did about a week ago when we started talking about Earth Day. I found this project at the Enchanted Learning website. It is just a treasure trove of educational ideas, especially if you are a homeschooling family. There are many, many free resources there and even more if you subscribe for $20.00. Looking at some of the things it offers, I think I could easily build a whole year curriculum using this!

Anyway, we made beautiful transparent planet earths to hang in the girls' bedroom windows.
We started by using food coloring to color our glue blue and green:

My only complaint about this project is something that is a pitfall of many craft project directions. The directions said you should use some acetate, but that wax paper would work as well. Well, let me tell you it did not. Sometimes I think when people are preparing directions for a project, they are assuming that another option would work without actually trying it. So here we are trying the project on wax paper, because I wasn't sure if we had acetate.
We taped down the wax paper over the picture of Earth that we'd printed from the website and the girls began to fill in with the green and blue using cotton swabs. It all started out well enough, but soon the glue began to slide and pool in places and then as it was drying it completely puckered up the whole paper!!
I was able to find one piece of acetate that was just enough for both the girls to use, so we didn't have to scrap the whole project. The directions said that it would take a number of hours, perhaps even a day, before we could peel off the earth image from the acetate. I can tell you that initially, the glue would not come off. We waited about 3 days and, thinking that it still was not going to come off, Maia began trimming her acetate closely around the edge of it and then, voila!, it began to peel off for her. We did this with both and, peeling carefully, they both came off and the project turned out beautifully.

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